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20-Minute PraiseMoves(TM): Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule
My stroller workouts are designed according to ACE and ACSM guidelines and certain to help you maintain or improve your fitness level. It's never been easier or more fun to stay fit using your baby's stroller! Call me now and sign up for my next group class or if you prefer, schedule a 1-on-1 stroller workout session at the location of your choice: Tampa's Hyde Park, in St-Petersburg at Fort Desoto or on the Gandy Bridge (Friendship Trail) and in Pinellas Park at Lake Seminole.

Stroller workouts are a multi-tasking goldmine because they are a shared experience for mom and baby, both of whom benefit from being outdoors, and mom has the opportunity to improve her fitness level while modeling healthy behavior (and entertaining) her child. Very little equipment is needed. Resistance tubing is helpful but not necessary. A little creativity is all it takes to devise a challenging workout using park benches, steps, sand...the possibilities are endless. The workout can be different each and every time to keep it mentally stimulating, or a mom who prefers consistency can progress through the same workout each week. It's also a chance to take advantage of beautiful parks, beaches and neighborhoods when the weather cooperates, or indoor malls when it doesn't.

Exercise tends to fall toward the bottom of many moms to do lists and for good reason; taking care of a family can be all-consuming. The list of chores is seemingly endless and exercise is perceived as something that we do for "ourselves", and therefore, it is the easiest to put off. When we change the perception of our exercise time to being an activity that is beneficial for mom and baby, then suddenly it doesn't seem so self-serving. We all know the immense benefits of working out - better overall health, strength, more energy, more quality sleep, relieved stress, sense of accomplishment, maintaining a healthy weight, etc. We need to realize all these things in turn make us better parents. Being a mother is a demanding job that requires strength and endurance just to get through our daily activities as efficiently as possible.

For an attached parent like myself, time spent with my daughter is priceless. However, I also love exercising. Stroller workouts provide a unique way for me to get a GREAT workout while taking all the time I need, so I don't feel guilty in any way for indulging myself in a run instead of spending time with her. I can do BOTH, quite effectively. Almost 30 years ago, before stroller workouts existed, my mother strapped me into an infant seat on the back of her bike and took me out to explore the neighborhood on frequent bike rides. She also let me play in the back of the multipurpose room of the YMCA while she taught Jazzercise to a roomful of women to the beat of "Copacabana". These make up some of my earliest childhood memories, and I don't think it's coincidence that exercise became a natural part of my life. I thank my mother for that and I would like to return the favor to my own daughter.

One stroller workout session typically lasts 45-60 minutes depending on the age of the child as women with infants benefit from shorter workouts spread throughout the day. Each workout consists of a cardio and strength circuit followed by core work and stretching. Core work is a necessity because all of the heavy lifting parents do every day make strong abdominal and back muscles imperative. We need to be strong from the inside out! We also discuss biomechanics quite a bit (such as proper lifting techniques, the best way to get your child in his/her car seat, etc.) because it's important for people to leave their training session with practical tools for daily life. Music is also an important element of our workouts, so we often entertain the kids with their favorite songs.

Everyone responds to training situations differently, so they need to find out what is ideal for them. Many people enjoy the social aspect of working out with a group and a package of stroller classes also fits into many budgets quite nicely. The most beneficial workouts for most people are individual personal training sessions, which give me a chance to focus on their strengths and weaknesses, and tailor a workout that will deliver the results they're looking for. For a person who is extremely disciplined and self-motivated, the remote training is an excellent option. It provides structure and accountability, but gives them plenty of freedom.

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