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20-Minute PraiseMoves(TM): Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule
"Positively the BEST home fitness programs available today!" Luke L. Largo FL .......... "Awesome! A certified fitness pro I can call and get advice right over the phone!" Jacqueline S. Pointe-au-Pere PQ .......... "Finally someone knows what they're talking about!" Michael S. Kastle DE .......... "Exercising made fun and easy right in my living room!" Jenny K. Aliso Viejo CA .......... "I never looked and felt so good! Thanks Liz!" Peter H. Albany NY

Are you lacking motivation or accountability in your health & fitness endeavors? Have you lost control? Could you use accountability or motivation at no charge? Then please read on before it's too late...

Give me a call or better yet, send me an email so we can discuss your goals. Since my custom programs cover all levels of health and fitness you are certain to find a solution to your problem.

During your first phone or email consultation, I will propose a simple course of action and ask you a few questions pertaining to your biometrics, your current fitness level and goals. I will then describe how I can help and take the next step.

After we establish your goals and find out the amount of time you can allocate to exercising, I will advise on a program for you which will feature your choice of, or a combination of the following:

> Strength Training
> Weight Management
> Cardiovascular Exercise
> Nutrition
> Flexibility

I take a personal approach to health and fitness. To be successful, you need to adopt a program that is specific to your goals, fitness level, time frame, and equipment availability.

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The third step and those that follow will inevitably change your life. Using the program I recommended and proven motivation and accountability techniques from the National Motivation Network, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR WAY TO A BETTER YOU!

As your nutritional habits, your body and fitness levels improve you will naturally be able to self motivate and with my help, you will eventually surpass your initial goals.

The worst thing you can do is NOTHING while the best thing you can do is simply give me a call or better yet, send me an email right now. Those who procrastinate too often end up suffering painfully and regretting passing up my free offer to help.

I take your calls 7 days a week from 8:00am to 7:00pm at 813.434.0085 and gladly answer e-mail questions, click here to contact me by e-mail.

Take the decisive first step by sending me an email (click here) and get answers to your questions in plain English.

The road to a healthier, more Godly lifestyle can start TODAY!

Get Health & Fitness tips, How to's, Shortcuts and Success Stories from people just like You - My monthly Newsletter is packed with engaging Health & Fitness content sure to help you reach or surpass your goals:

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