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20-Minute PraiseMoves(TM): Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule
My stroller workouts are designed according to ACE and ACSM guidelines and certain to help you maintain or improve your fitness level. It's never been easier or more fun to stay fit using your baby's stroller! Call or email me now for your custom designed stroller workout 100% free!

Find herein the transcript of an interview with Chandra Broadwater of the St. Petersburg Times conducted on Thursday, February 18th, 2010:

How long have you been a trainer?
In 2002 I completed my degree from Bowling Green State University and an internship in corporate fitness. I was fortunate to begin training and teaching in a professional corporate fitness center immediately following my education.

Why did you decide to launch your business?
My husband Daniel is an incredibly gifted web producer and internet marketing expert. As part of our Christian ministry outreach he proposed we create a website catering to a Christian audience in an effort to help people of faith adopt healthier lifestyles. Ultimately my goal was to empower believers who struggle with honoring their temple, their bodies. In a world where self indulgence is a common occurrence, I encourage my clients to develop self-control and perseverance. Because of this I felt driven to help, that's when my health and fitness ministry and the Ross Fitness website came to life back in 2003.

Why do your clients seek you out?
Because it ranks highly on search engines like Google for example, my website receives thousands of visitors each year. Typically, potential clients are looking for help with either fitness or dieting and would prefer to work with a Christian such as myself. Some visitors to my web site are looking for answers about specific types of workouts such as stroller fitness, other are looking for fitness resources, some are simply looking for a gym and find my website instead. Either way the focus of my business nowadays is my website which has evolved in a channel by which I get to fulfill my mission according to God's perfect plan which has me serve Him as a wife to a brilliant man, a full-time mother of 3 sweet little girls and of course, a personal trainer and health & fitness expert.

Who is your typical client?
Wow, that's a good question! I have no admit I can't pin point a typical client since I've helped such a diverse group of people. Through Ross Fitness one commonality is all my clients are Christians. My message is clear and concise. I offer free consulting and advice to Christians as part of my mission. If you're going to call on me for help you better be ready to hear about Jesus! I tell it like it is and have no time for sugar coating. Pun intended!

How does your approach to fitness benefit those you help get in shape?
Because I use proven fitness methods backed by bible based inspiration, my custom designed health and fitness programs are powerful tools certain to help my clients reach or surpass their goals. The only way my clients can fail is by not following instruction which unfortunately happens in some cases. I can put programs together and provide inspiration and accountability but ultimately, each client is responsible for exercising and applying modifications to their eating habits.

Is it a recent trend?
I think it's in tune with the obesity pandemic worldwide. Among the Christian community health and fitness continues to be an issue too often ignored until it becomes a problem. What most people don't realize is how easy it is to maintain good health with a little effort daily as opposed to a complete overhaul once weight has become a problem. When it comes to health and fitness, a little effort goes a long way. Chandra, I am truly blessed to be a blessing. Recent trend or not, I make myself available to help believers adopt a healthier lifestyle which in turn will allow them to honor God through their bodies, to be offered as living sacrifices.

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